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Common Core Standards

The issue of the Common Core standards in the U.S. Senate primary race in Mississippi has raised a small-scale version of the conversation Americans are ready to have about the role of the federal government in education.

If the Common Core is here to stay, the material to meet the standards must be taught in incremental steps, acknowledging the learning styles of our students. Let this article be a reminder that teachers must continue to build on academic strengths and focus on vulnerabilities in a supportive and professional manner.

Growing dissatisfaction with Common Core and other centralized education schemes is leading an increasing number of parents to pursue alternatives such as homeschooling.  The curriculum provides students with a rigorous education in history, math, English, foreign languages, and other subjects. While the curriculum is designed to prepare students for college-level work, students not interested pursing a traditional four-year college degree will also benefit.
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President Obama’s school safety plan.

President Obama’s 2015 budget proposal includes $120 million to create safe schools and intervene early in the childhoods of troubled children, aiming at reducing bullying and boosting children with specific mental health needs. $25 million is reserved for schools with high levels of violence, to help students deal with trauma and anxiety from the dangers they face—and to help prevent more violence. Another $50 million is meant to train teachers and staff in evidence-based strategies that reduce violence and bullying.

School safety experts suggest the best strategies for preventing school shooting complement those approaches, which they refer to as “target hardening,” or making targets more difficult to attack. People like Beverly Kingston, director of the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder, suggest that halting school violence starts much earlier.

The President’s plan to provide new resources that communities can use to make schools safer echoes what educators have been saying they need in order to protect students.
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Education Foundation aided by “Legacy Art”

“The Legacy Art Collection of Public Schools” is now available at The Clarksville-Montgomery County Education Foundation.

Candy Johnson, Foundation and Community Engagement director, said the project was started by the Education Foundation Board to produce assistance for its donation fund, but it will also cater CMCSS alumni and graduating seniors access to artwork that reflects pride in their high schools. Johnson said they talked to several artists and needed it done in a timely manner.

Each painting has its own personality and reflects more than just a simple building. For example, Montgomery Central High School boast of beautifully colored trees, birds, and most of the landscaping on the campus is depicted. The original watercolor paintings were completed a little more than two months ago by one of Clarksville’s favorite artists, Lynne Waters Griffey.
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