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State board of education weighing in changes to common core standards

The State Board of Education begins the process of reviewing the Core Curriculum Content Standards Thursday with a special meeting at noon at the Department of Education offices.

The board will review the standards in two parts. The first will focus on Visual & Performing Arts, Comprehensive Health & Physical Education, Science, World Language, Social Studies, Mathematics and English Language Arts. The second set of standards to be considered are Technology and 21st Century Life and Careers. Under Common Core, they'll be reading more nonfiction books in every grade. Writing will require multiple sources and evidence to back up arguments. Math will focus on the problem solving rather than the answer.

The Common Core standards will shift our schools' learning priorities from rote memorization to analysis, innovation, creativity and application. The goal is to equip students with the skills they'll need for college and careers in the 21st century. So parents, students and other stakeholders in the public schools, be advised: Put on your game faces. Because beginning with the first day of school Wednesday, no one is sitting the bench under the new playbook for learning.

The standards are not perfect, but they provide a structure that has a huge amount of potential if we just give it some time to work. Let's not throw away an opportunity simply because of our collective impatience.
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